Behind the Scenes of the Àtiz Catalogue Photo Shoot

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Behind the Scenes of the Àtiz 2014 Catalogue Photo Shoot


Our recent catalogue photo shoot for the Fall/Winter 2014 collection was not only creatively inspired, but such a hoot as well! Our head designer, Swati Padmaraj, worked with the help of our marketing and PR agency, Revel Creative Group, to bring the Àtiz brand to life. We are proud of the beautiful work done by the team, and the best part was we had a blast doing it. During the shoot, our fearless leader Swati showed her ability to easily balance her imagination and her excitement for everything fashion. The shoot got started early in the morning, and the Revel studio was brimming with an enthusiastic energy for what the day would bring. Charisma Yaranon, the resident stylist and all-around go-to-girl, helped kick off the day by bringing breakfast for everyone; no donut was left untouched. After that, we hit the ground running.


Everyone dove right in with a fun spirit. Our team loves what we do, and that showed in how effortless and enjoyable the shoot was! The first part of the day was spent meticulously cataloguing all of our beautiful pieces from the collection one by one. The real entertainment, however, was unleashed once we brought out the leaf blower for the editorial shots. The tough winds did not stop our model, Natalie Levine, from serving us up some fierce poses. We couldn't help but laugh and applaud when Natalie was almost blown over, only to catch herself at the last minute and give us a gorgeous face. All this was captured by the wickedly talented photographer, Carmen Daneshmandi. In between shots Swati and Charisma had a great time styling Natalie so that she looked perfect. Together they adjusted and adjusted the clothes so that they looked flawless!


Halfway through the shoot, Charisma decided that it was time to blast some music so that everyone could get a burst of enthusiasm. Everyone in the crew welcomed the danced break eagerly! No one could resist jumping on the floor and partying for a bit. After this slightly sweaty interlude, it was back to work, but that spirit stayed with us.


A little while later, Swati’s husband, Dr. Raj Angolkar, stopped by the shoot to see how things were going. He is Swati’s biggest supporter and cheerleader, and his sense of humor and joy for life were a welcome addition for a couple of hours. It's always incredible to see such a devoted and loving pair. Swati and her beau looked over the photos together, chuckling every time they naturally chose the same photos. Their energy gave a boost to everyone so that we could finish out the day strong.


With the help of the team, Swati worked tirelessly throughout the shoot, looking at the live feed of the images. She sat next to Carmen as she shot each photograph, telling her which details to focus on. Swati is a woman who knows herself so fully that she is utterly confident in her creativity. And yet, there is always an ease to her presence. It is this combination of qualities that makes Swati a fascinating and impressive person to be around, and that inspires us! We hope you like the results as much as we do!