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  • 22.06.17 0 Posted By Magento Medical Theme
    If your clothes do not fit you anymore, don't get a panic attack. You may have grown a tad bit larger  or smaller but that is no reason to be embarrassed and stop yourself from wearing what you like. All you need is - to find the right piece.  Read More
  • 22.06.17 0 Posted By Magento Medical Theme
    Are you having a "I have nothing to wear" moment again? Do you open your closet and go " pfff.. what do I wear?". Well if you are one of those then it's time to revisit your wardrobe. Which basically means add the essentials, mix and match and you will never go wrong. Read More
  • 11.04.17 0 Posted By ATIZ
    Who is an Atiz woman? What is she like? What does she do? What is her personality traits? What is her style? What does she believe in? So many questions come to our head when we think about the women we cater to. Women who are stylish, confident and independent. Women who dress not for other but for themselves.   Read More
  • 28.03.17 0 Posted By ATIZ
        Someone once said - " Experience it for yourself". We could not agree more. Traveling is not about the miles you go but the journey and experience. Women who love to travel are independent and free spirited, adventurous and intelligent. Read More
  • 24.03.17 0 Posted By ATIZ
    Well, lets just blame it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. Friday fortunately is one of the happiest days of the week. Rest are somethings we would rather not wake up to. After your relaxed weekend, going to bed hashtagging your Read More
  • 06.03.17 0 Posted By ATIZ
    It is said that "The way you dress, speaks for you". It talks about who you are, where you have come from and what you want to become. The way you dress is an extension of yourself. It is an unspoken language. Read More
  • 02.02.17 0 Posted By ATIZ
    Every season has its own charm and with that comes selecting season's collection for your wardrobe. While bidding temporary goodbye to your winter clothing could be difficult, keeping your style intact in summer clothes isn't that hard. Read More
  • 21.05.16 0 Posted By ATIZ
      If you like little bit of chic in your daily life then this blog post is for you. If you like wearing skirts everywhere but are unable to wear them then this blog post is for you.     Read More
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