The style of Àtiz produces many combinations: Eastern and Western, traditional and new, day and night. Each piece in designer Swati Padmaraj’s collection overflows with a wealth of inspiration and meaning as each idea interacts with the other. As East comes to meet West, beautiful Indian textiles are overlaid upon classic Western silhouettes. As tradition comes to meet innovation, bold, detailed designs are set against sharp lines and chic finishing. As day comes to meet night, elegant daywear naturally transforms into modern night ensembles.


The inspiration and scope behind the Àtiz collection is rich and wide, but each piece contains the blending of Eastern sophistication with Western originality. Though her Indian heritage informs all of her looks, Padmaraj nonetheless translates this historical and cultural legacy into a refined, timeless international look.


Floral embroideries adorn beautiful, flowing dresses, conveying a graceful and sinuous charm that flatters the body. The intricate stitching on many of the jackets, along with the gorgeously detailed inserts, adds a sense of whimsy to a structured look, while still retaining the elegance of formal daywear. Swirling, translucent layering and a hint of jacquard weaving at the neck and wrists bring a sensation of movement and wonder to match the bold colors and vivid designs. Semi-opaque overcoats and imaginative, patterned bottoms allow for a versatility and an adaptability to exist alongside a classic vision of femininity. A sheer, jewel-encrusted dress is paired with a simple slip to transport feminine splendor into an entirely new realm of opulence and luxury.


Each piece is constructed so as to enhance, to transform, and to inspire. In other words, the Àtiz collection enhances the personality, transforms that personality anew, and inspires ever-new forms of discovery. The Àtiz collection provides a sumptuous, distinguished experience for those who wear Àtiz is to be forever changed in relation to the world, to others, and to yourself.